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Jabsco Quiet Flush Raw Water Toilet – Compact Bowl – 12V


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Quiet Flush Raw Water Toilet - Compact Bowl - 12V

Based on our proven Electric Toilet, the Quiet Flush is designed to radically reduce noise levels, making life more comfortable for everyone onboard — even those sleeping. It‘s available in two versions: one that connects to a vessel‘s existing pressurized water system, or one with a remote mounted pump to use sea, river or lake water to flush.


  • Models designed for boats with onboard pressurized water systems capable of delivering 2.9 GPM (11 LPM) or more have a solenoid valve assembly that includes an anti-siphon breaker to ensure no backflow from the toilet into the water system
  • Models designed for boats without adequate pressurized water systems feature a remote mounted, selfpriming rinse pump that brings in sea, river or lake water for flushing, and includes a pump guard strainer
  • A powerful macerating discharge pump breaks up waste while evacuating the toilet
  • A control panel allows three different water levels for flush and drain cycles
  • Regular and compact size bowls are available
  • Can be mounted 3' (1m) above or below the waterline with appropriate plumbing
  • Compact Bowl Size
  • Wood - Standard Close Lid
  • Raw Water
  • Remote Rinse Pump

Manufacturer : Jabsco
Manufacturer Part No : 37245-3092
UPC : 671880628372

Additional information

Weight 34.70 lbs
Dimensions 21.00 × 21.00 × 17.00 cm







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