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KVH Starlink Ethernet Adapter


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Starlink Ethernet Adapter

For wired devices, this ethernet adapter makes network cable connections simple—just plug and play. It works with Starlink V2 (High Performance, Flat High Performance, and Stamdart Rectangular systems) satellite Internet systems.

Allows a hard-wired Ethernet connection to the system.


  • Required if connecting Starlink to another antenna system such as KVH’s companion configuration
  • In a standalone configuration, allows the user to connect a device to Starlink using an Ethernet cable
  • Engineered to facilitate a wired Internet connection by directly linking a device to the Starlink router
  • Or use the adapter to bypass the Starlink router and set up a connection with a third-party route

Advantages of Ethernet adapter wired connection (vs. Wi-Fi connection):

  • Stability – Wired connections are typically more reliable and less subject to interference than Wi-Fi
  • Speed – Ethernet often provides faster data transfer, particularly useful for large data activities like streaming or gaming
  • Security – Wired data transmission is generally more secure, reducing the risk of data interception
  • Latency – Wired connections usually have lower latency, essential for time-sensitive activities like online gaming or video calls.

Manufacturer : KVH
Manufacturer Part No : 19-1240-01

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